Meeting details

Committee: Corporate Services

Date: Thursday 27 August 2009

Type Attachment
notice Corporate Services Committee
agenda Corporate Services Committee
report 2009/10 Revenue Monitoring Report 1 April to 17 July 2009
report Charity Law Consultation - Proposals for Amendments to the Charities Legislation
report Civic Centre Motherwell
report Civic Functions Group Minutes
report Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Booking Offices) Order 2009
report Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 Custodial Sentences and Weapons (Scot) Act
report Composite Capital Programme 2009/10 1 April to 17 July 2009
report Consultation on Draft National Elected Member Strategy for Local Government
report Corporate Services (Licensing) Sub-Committee Minutes
report Corporate Services Structure Review - Central and Legal Services
report Corporate Services Structure Review - Design Services
report Draft Children's Hearing (Scotland) Bill Implications for the Council
report General Debtors Bad Write Off for former Administration Department 2006/07
report Health and Safety Information for Elected Members
report North Lanarkshire Local Licensing Forum - Resignation
report Public Holidays 2010
report Quarterly Performance Management Exceptions Report Quarter 1
report Re-tendering of Housing and Property Maintenance Contracts
report Scotland's Population 2008 Registrar General's Review of Demographic Trends
report Summary Justice Reform Unification of Courts within South Strathclyde & Dumfries
report Town Twinning Cumbernauld/Bron Association
minute Minute of Corporate Services of 27 August 2009
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