Meeting details

Committee: Corporate Services

Date: Thursday 7 February 2013

Type Attachment
notice Corporate Services Committee - 7 February 2013
agenda Corporate Services Committee
report 2012/13 Composite Capital Programme - 01/04/12-04/01/13
report Community Council Funding - Financial Year 2013/2014
report Community Council Short Life Working Group: Recommendations
report Conferences
report Consultation: Civil Law of Damages - Issues in Personal Injury
report Corporate Property Performance Information
report Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex (Scotland) Bill
report Demolition of Cedar Road Nursery, Cumbernauld
report Glasgow City Council - Motion on Royal Mail Closures
report Glasgow City Council - Motion on Royal Mail Closures
report Local Change in the Post Office Network
report Measured Term Contract Roof Anchor Safety Bolts Service & Maintenance
report Minute of Civic Functions Group - 24 January 2013
report Minutes of Corporate Services (Licensing) Sub Committee
report Post Office - Coatbridge Brach - 132 Main Street, Coatbridge
report Revenue Monitoring Report - Corporate Services - 01/04/12-04/01/13
report Scottish Government Consultation - Taxi & Private Hire Car Licensing
report Service Plan Performance Report - April - September 2012
report Taxi Licensing - Taxi Fare Review 2013
report Town Twinning - Anniversaries
report Town Twinning - Cumbernauld/Bron Twin Town Rugby Programme
report Town Twinning - Schweinfurt Twinning Association
minute Corporate Services of 7 February 2013

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