Meeting details

Committee: Environmental Services

Date: Wednesday 25 February 2009

Type Attachment
notice Environmental Services 25 February 2009
agenda Environmental Services
report Airbles Cemetery Extension Eastern Section
report Appointment of Contractor & Frabrication of Interpretive Features
report Appointment of Contractor - Church Street, Coatbridge Environmental Improvements
report Appointment of Contractor Carbrain Gully Playground Redevelopment Project
report Appointment of Contractors Bellshill & Chapelhall Local Area Improvements
report Appointment of Contractors Cairnhill Woods, Woodlands Management & Access Works
report Appointment of Contractors Merry Street, Motherwell Town Centre Improvements Ph1
report Auchinlea Landfill Supply & Installation of Automatic Leachete Pumping Equipment
report Auichinlea Landfill Phase 9 - Cell B Capping & Ancillary Work
report Bedlay & St Joseph's Cemetery Extension Project
report Building Cleaning Trading Accounts
report Catering Cleaning Trading Accounts
report Cleansing Trading Accounts
report Composite Capital Programme 2008/09 - Monitoring Report
report Conferences
report Declaration of Surplus Land at Heritage Way, Coatbridge
report Glenpark Street & Belhaven Park Environmental Improvement Project
report Hozier Street Car Park, Coatbridge
report Improved Service for the Provision of Dog Bins
report Introduction of Litter Control Area - Bellshill Industrial Estate
report New Car Parking Provision & Landscaping at Easton Place, Coatbridge
report Outcome of the Formal Consultation on the Draft Core Path Plan
report Parks Service Trading Accounts
report Procurement of Analytical Services
report Protective Services - Operational Plans 2009/10
report Quarterly Performance Management Exceptions Report Quarter 3 Oct-Dec 2008
report Remit from P&R Committee Audit & Governance Panel Progress Report
report Revenue Monitoring Report - Environmental Services
report Service Asset Management Plan
report Town Centre Access Link Improvements - Kilsyth
report Town Centre Access Link Improvements at North Calder Heritage Trail, Sikeside
report Transport Service Trading Accounts
report Vehicle Replacement Programme 2008/09 (21a)
report Vehicle Replacement Programme 2008/09 (21b)
report Vehicle Replacement Programme 2008/09 Fleet Procurement 2008/09 (21c)
report Zero Waste Fund
minute Environmental Services Committee Minute of 25 February 2009
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