Meeting details

Committee: Environmental Services

Date: Tuesday 12 June 2012

Type Attachment
notice Environmental Services Committee 12 June 2012
agenda Environmental Services Committee
report Alteration to Caravan Site Licence for Meadow Estate Limited
report Animal Feed Service Plan 2012-2013
report Animal Health & Welfare Service Plan 2012-13
report Building Cleaning Trading Accounts
report Business Regulation Operational Plan
report Catering Trading Accounts
report Closure of Auchinlea Landfill Site and Associated Requirements
report Coatbridge Town Centre Approval to Appiont a Contractor
report Composite Capital Programme - Monitoring Report
report Consultation on Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products
report Cumbernauld Town Centre Entrance Signs Approval to Procure Implentation Service
report Fleet Operations Trading Accounts
report Fleet Procurement
report Fleet Procurement Heavy Vehicles
report Fleet Procurement Light Vehicles
report Land Management Trading Accounts
report Marking the Diamond Jubilee
report Motherwell Town Centre Environmental Improvements Phase 1 Variation to Contract
report Outcome Tendering Process Cumbernauld Woods Woodland Management
report Outcome of Tendering Process Landfill Consultancy Services Landfill Sites
report Outcome of Tendering Process Waste Management & Recycling Servs for Blue Bins
report Outcome of Tendering Richard Johnston Woodland Management
report Outcome of Tendering Supply & Stock Pile 1mm HDPE Double Textured Membrane Liner
report Outcome of Tendering Supply & Stock Pile Drainage Geo Composite Landfill Capping
report Provision of Kitchen Food Caddies - Scotland Excel Framework
report Request to Tender for Provision of Machine Repairs & Portable Appliance testing
report Revenue Monitoring Report - Environmental Services
report Review on Lunch Club Meal Provision
report Shop Front Improvements, Cumbernauld Village
report Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation in North Lanarkshire Update 2012
report Stock Adjustments for the Financial Year 2011/12
report Strathclyde Police Service Level Agreement Cleaning Janitorial and Pest Control
report Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2010
report Waste Management Services Trading Accounts
report Zero Wase Plan Implications for North Lanarkshire Council
minute Environmental Services Minute of 12 June 2012
minute Environmental Services of 12 June 2012

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