Meeting details

Committee: Finance and Resources Committee

Date: Thursday 28 May 2020

Time: 10:00

Venue: Civic Centre, Motherwell

Type Attachment
report Review of Special Leave Policy
report Taxi and Private Hire Licensing - Vehicle Specifications
report North Lanarkshire Municipal Bank Ltd - Annual Oversight Report 2018/19
report Payment of Local Taxation & Benefit Update
report Revenue Provisional Outturn Report Council Summary1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020
report Capital Programme 2019/20 Monitoring Report 1 April 2019 to 31
report Annual Data Protection Report Financial Year 2019/20
report North Lanarkshire Properties LLP - 2019/20 Performance Indicators: 5 January 2019 - 4 January 2020 and Financial Performance as at 4 January 2020 (Period 10)
report South Cumbernauld Community Growth Area (SCCGA)
report Site at Ravenscliff Road, Ravenscraig, Motherwell
report Sub-Station Lease for an EV Charging Point at Strathclyde Park Watersports Centre
report Cliffvale Road, Chryston - proposed lease to NHS
report Community Asset Transfer Request - Coatbridge Indoor Bowling Club (Cliftonville and Coatdyke Community Group)
report Proposed Community Asset Transfer - Coatbridge Bowling Club (Property Disposal)
report National Framework Contract for Supply of Natural Gas
report Supply & Delivery of Groceries and Provisions
report Contracts Awarded Below Committee Approval Threshold
report List of Committee Reports’ Recommendations and Decisions Made Under Delegated Authority
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