Meeting details

Committee: Housing and Social Work Services

Date: Wednesday 17 December 2008

Type Attachment
notice Housing & Social Work Services Committee
agenda Housing & Social Work Sevices Committee
report 2008/2009 Housing Revenue Account Capital Programme
report Commissioning Strategy
report Conferences
report Contract-For Approval-Develop. of Serv. for Disabled Children & Their Families
report Contract-For Approval-Void House Security
report Contracts-External Upgrading of Whitson Fairhurst Houses, 5 No. Blocks, C'nauld
report Contracts-Measured Term Contract for Controlled Door Entry Systems&Assoc. Work
report Contracts-Remedial Works to 88 Nr Gable Walls, Weir MultiCom Houses, Newarthill
report Energy Performance Certificates - Council Housing
report Extension to Owner Occupier House
report Feedback from SW Inspection Agency in respect of Death of looked after Child
report Final Measurements
report Former Young People's Support Building, Burngreen, Kilsyth
report H&SW Services Overtime Budget Monitoring Report 1Apr-31Oct 2008
report Kinship Care: Proposed Support Arrangements
report Liquidation of a Commissioned Service
report Local Housing Strategy
report Lock-Up Demolition
report Monitoring - Housing Revenue Account (HRA)
report Monitoring - Non-HRA & Social Work Services
report New Build Programme
report Petition-Request from Brandon Ct Tenants Assoc. regarding repairs to Brandon Ct
report Petitions-Residents fo the Cardowan Area regarding alleged Anti-social behaviour
report Petitions-Residents of area Rochsoles Dr, Airdrie requesting new Car Park Area
report Private Sector Programme Budget 2008/2009: Update
report Quarterly Performance Management Exceptions Report
report Re-appointment of Safeguarders
report Remit from Regen. Cttee. 5/11/08-Proposed Locations for Public SpaceCCTV Cameras
report Replacement Fencing Adjoining Owner Occupiers
report Service Plan 2009/2010 and Revenue Budget 2009/2010
report Service Plan Monitoring Report - April to September 2008
report Social Work Services Capital Programme 2008/2009
report Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2009-2014
report Supplementation Rate Increases in Establishments outwith this Authority
report Supporting Service User&Carer Participation in Health&Community Care Partnership
report Temporary Accomodation Strategy
minute Housing and Social Work Services Committee Minute of 17 December 2008

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