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Committee: Housing and Social Work Services

Date: Wednesday 25 February 2009

Type Attachment
notice Housing & Social Work Services Committee
agenda Housing & Social Work Services Committee
report 2008/2009 Housing Revenue Account Capital Programme
report Applying for Pressured Area Status - Outcome of Submission
report Budget Monitoring 01/04/08 - 02/01/09 - Housing Revenue Account
report Budget Monitoring 01/04/08 - 02/01/09 - Housing non-HRA & Social Work Serv
report Care & Repair Services in North Lanarkshire
report Change of Arrangements for Standard Security
report Charging for Non-Residential Serv&Meals Provision&for In-House Residential Care
report Conferences
report Contract - Jerviston Floor Strengthening - Phase 4
report Contract - Measured Term Contracts for Artex/Asbestos Surveys in Lab Testing
report Contract - Rendering & Re-Roofing of Weir Multi Com House Types at Newarthill
report Cumbernauld Multi-Storey Flats
report Former Tenant Arrears Write-Off to 31 March 2007
report Guidance- Assistance Under theHousing(Scotland)Act2006meetneedsofDisabled People
report Homelessness Initiatives Extension of Funding
report Housing Capital Programme 2009/2010
report Housing Support Services - Extension of Funding
report Implementation of Integrated Day Service for Older People - Phase 2
report Implementation of Section 11 of the Homelessness Etc. (Scotland) Act 2003
report Investing in Affordable Housing: A Consultation
report New Build Programme
report Petition-Westfield Rd, Kilsyth regarding Proposed Day Care Centre-Older People
report Presentation on Report of Inspection of Social Work Serv in North Lanarkshire
report Proposed Increase to Voluntary Organisation Rates 2009/2010 for Establishments
report Quarterly Performance Management Exceptions Report - Quarter 3
report Replacement Fencing Adjoining Owner/Occupiers - Updated Report
report Results of North Lanarkshire Council's Tenants' Survey 2008
report RevisedFinancial Arrangements for Services provide by Cornerstone Community Care
report Section 10 Grants
report Social Work - Main Tendering Activity for 2009
report Social Work Intensive Support Services for Young People
report Social Work Serv Capital Programme 2008/2009
report Supplementation Rate Increases in Establishments outwith this Authority
report Watch Us Grow
minute Housing & Social Work Services Committee Minute of 25 February 2009
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