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Committee: Housing and Social Work Services

Date: Wednesday 22 August 2007

Type Attachment
notice Housing & Social Work Services
agenda Housing & Social Work Services
report Budget Monitoring Report - HRA
report Budget Monitoring Report - HRA Capital Prog
report Budget Monitoring Report - Non- HRA
report Budget Monitoring Report - Non-HRA Capital Prog
report Coltness, Wishaw
report Conferences
report Contract - Fire Damage Reinstatement 15 Hawthorn Avenue, Newmains
report Contract - Reinstate of 2 Fire damaged Houses at 61 & 63 Tinto Crescent, Wishaw
report Contract - Upgrading Works to Scott House, M'Well
report Contract - Measured Term Contract for UPVC Window Replacement & Upgrading
report Extension of Temp Contracts - Tenancy Support Workers - Development Officer
report Extension of Temp Debt Recovery Team
report Financial Monitoring report for S Work Services 2007/08 1/4-22/6/07
report Gas Servicing Performance
report General Debtors Bad Debt Write-Offs
report Housing & Design Services Performance Management Report 2006/07
report Housing & SWork Services O/T Monitoring Report
report Housing & Social Work Services-Service Improvement plan 6th month Review
report Housing Capital prog 2006/07 Outture & 2007/08 Mid Year Review
report Job Review - regrading of Hsing ServicesResearch Assist & Review of LiaisonPost
report Land/Property Surplus to Requirements
report Local Housing Strategy - Review 2007
report Minutes of Meetings of SWork (Complaints Review) Sub-Cmt
report NLCare & Repair Scheme - ReTendering of Contact
report Petition - Residents of area in Coatbridge
report Petition - Residents of area in Cumbernauld
report Petition - Residents of area of Salsburgh
report Quarterly Performance Management Exceptions Report
report Quarterly Performance Management Exceptions Report 1/4 - 30/6
report Repairs Expenditure & Performance Indicators
report Reports and Information Update
report Restructure of Training Section
report Results of NLC Tenants Survey
report Revised Financial Arrangements for Supported Living Services in NL
report SWork (Complaints Review) Sub-Cmt - 10/07/07
report SWork (Complaints Review) Sub-Cmt - 12/06/07
report SWork (Complaints Review) Sub-Cmt - 22/3/07
report Scottish Public Services Ombudsman: Report
report Section 10 Grants
report Social Work Justice Service Developments
report Social Work Services Composite Capital Prog MonitoringReport 2007/08
report Term Maintenance Contract for Preservation Works
minute Housing & Social Work Services
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