Meeting details

Committee: Housing and Social Work Services

Date: Thursday 16 August 2012

Type Attachment
notice Housing & Social Work Services Committee Notice of 16 August 2012
agenda Housing and Social Work Services Committee Agenda of 16 August 2012
report 142 and 144 Ailsa Road, Coatbridge
report Affordable Housing Supply Programme - Strategic Local Programme
report Annual Report - Use & Monitor. of Indep. Sector Care Serv - 1/4/11 to 31/3/12
report British Polio Fellowship Request to Lease 2 Lock-ups
report Budget Monitoring - 1 April - June 2012 - Social Work Services Capital Prog
report Budget Monitoring - 1 April to 22 June 2012 - 2012/2013 HRA Capital Programme
report Budget Monitoring - 1 April to 22 June 2012 - Housing Revenue Account (HRA)
report Budget Monitoring - 1 April to 22 June 2012 - Non-HRA & Social Work Services
report Care Inspectorate Scrutiny Report into North Lanarkshire Social Work Services
report Conferences
report Consultation on Right to Buy Reform
report Contract - New Council House Prog. - Albert P. School , North Biggar Rd, Airdrie
report Contracts - New Council House Building Programme - West Canal Street, Coatbridge
report Curators ad Litem and Reporting Officers Fees
report Fuel Poverty/Energy Efficiency Strategy
report General Debtors' Bad Debt Write-off
report Joint Performance Plan 2012/2013 to 2013/2014 Housing Services and MSL
report Meeting the 2012 Homelessness Target and Temporary Accommodation
report Member/Officer Working Group to Review Anti-Social Behaviour Policy
report People with Offending Behaviour Linked to Alcohol and Drug Misuse
report Petition - Anti-Social Behaviour - Bellshill/Viewpark Area
report Petition - Closure of a Lane at Montgomery Avenue, Coatbridge
report Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 - Potential Implications for the Council
report Scottish Veterans' Garden City Association - Request for Land
report Surplus Accommodation - 45-51 Waverley Drive, Airdrie
report The Scottish Social Housing Charter Indicators
report Welfare Reform/Tenancy Sustainability - Redesignate, Regrade & Create Temp Posts
minute Housing & Social work Services Minute of 16 August 2012
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