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Committee: Housing and Social Work Services

Date: Thursday 31 January 2013

Type Attachment
notice Housing & Social Work Services Notice of 31 January 2013
agenda Housing & Social Work Services Agenda of 31 january 2013
report 2012/2013 HRA Capital Programme
report 2012/2013 Social Work Services Capital Programme
report 2013/14 Revenue Estimates (Housing Revenue Account)
report Affordable Housing Supply Programme - Strategic Local Programme
report Conferences
report Contracting Arrangements on Behalf of Social Work 2013-14
report Contracts for Noting - Bathroom Replacement 2012/2013, Airdrie
report Contracts for Noting - Internal & External CCTV Works at Holehills, Airdrie
report Delegated Powers for the Council's "Scheme of Assistance"
report ECO/Green Deal/National Retrofit Programme Proposals
report Former Tenants Arrears Write-Off to 31 March 2011
report Homelessness Prevention - Independent Advice, Information & Advocacy Services
report Housing Capital Programme (HRA) & Charge Fund Projects 2013-2014
report Housing New Build Programme-Re-Allocation of Land at Westfield Drive Cumbernauld
report Housing Revenue Account (HRA)
report Implementation of Self Directed Support in North Lanarkshire
report Improved Void Specification (SHQS+)
report Land Surplus to Operational Requirements:Mason Lane Motherwell,Pather St Wishaw
report Major Adaptations - Extension
report Measured Term Contract for UPVC Door/Window Maintenance Work 2013-2015
report Minutes of Meetings of Social Work (Complaints Review) Sub - 5 & 26 October 2012
report New Build Programme - Clarkston Primary School Site
report New Build Residential Developments Under a Framework Agreement
report Non-HRA and Social Work Services
report North Lanarkshire Adult Housing Support Service - Glasgow Simon Community
report North Lanarkshire Tenants & Residents Support Project (TIS)
report North Lanarkshire Transitional Accommodation & Housing Support Services - SAMH
report Open Market Acquisition Scheme
report Outcome from Tendering Exercise for a Peer Support & Info Service
report Petiton - Residents of Harthill requesting Closure of a Lane, Church Street
report Petiton - Residents of Motherwell requesting Removal of Council Tenant
report Petiton - Residents of wishaw regarding Anti-Social Behaviour
report Procurement of Opti-time
report Proposed Compulsory Purchase Order - 23-27 Northburn Avenue, Airdrie
report Remit Environmental Services - Guidelines on Delivery of Agricultural Services
report Remit L&LS - 6Nov12-strategic guidance for Community Planning Partnerships
report Service Plan Performance Report - April to September 2012
report Social Work (Complaints Review) Sub - 26 October 2012
report Social Work (Complaints Review) Sub - 5 October 2012 at 11 am
report Social Work (Complaints Review) Sub - 5 October 2012 at 9.30am
report Term Maintenance Contract for Servicing maintenance&repair Fire Equipment
report Tower Strategy
report Welfare Reform Update & Proposal to Establish a Homelessness Prevention
report Young People Housing Support Service - Barnardos
minute Housing and Social Work Services of 31January 2013
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