Meeting details

Committee: Housing and Social Work Services

Date: Thursday 15 August 2013

Type Attachment
notice Housing & Social Work Services Committee of 15 August 2013
agenda Housing & Social Work Services Committee of 15 August 2013
report 2013/2014 Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Capital Programme
report A Summary Report of Welfare Rights Activity - 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013
report Affordable Housing Supply Programme-Strategic Housing Investment Plan
report Budget Monitoring Report -Period 3- 1 April to 21 June - Housing Revenue Account
report Budget Monitoring Report-Period 3-1 April to 21 June- Non HRA & Social Work Serv
report Building for the Future - Future Sites
report Building for the Future: New Build Programme - Future Tenders
report Conferences
report Consultation on 'See Hear: Framework for people with a Sensory Impairment
report Consultation on Draft Guidance on Operation of Local Authority HRA in Scotland
report Contract for Approval- Reinstatement of Property at 85-91 Park Street, Airdrie
report Contract for Approval- Tender Outcomes for Provision of Specified Equipment
report Contracts for Noting - Adaptations and Alterations, Airdrie
report Contracts for Noting-Reinstatement of Existing Property at 45-51 Waverly Drive
report Electical Safety Management Framework
report External CCTV Systems
report General Debtors Bad Debt Write Off
report H&SWork Service Learning & Organisational Development-Performance Report 2012/13
report Housing Allocation Policy Review Phase 4 - Older People's Housing
report Integrated Equipment & Adaptions Service: Performance & Development
report Land Surplus to Operational Requirements at Moodiesburn, Coatbridge & Kilsyth
report Making Advice Work Programme 2013-2015 - Funding for Temporary Posts
report Minute of Meeting of Social Work (Compaints Review) Sub - 5 February 2013
report North Lanarkshire Dementia Demonstrator Site
report Petiton-Residents in Motherwell Objecting to Temporary Accomodation
report Petiton-Residents in Motherwell regarding Anti-Social Behaviour
report Petiton-residents of Tower in Motherwell Objecting to Relocation of TowerOfficer
report Proposal to Re-Model the Anti-Social Service
report Proposed Change to Scheme of Assistance for Home Owners
report Public Bodies (Joint Working)(Scotland) Bill-Integration of Health & Social Care
report Remit- Environmental Services-13 Aug 2013-Diet and Nutrition Policy
report Remit- P&R(Regen& Infra)Sub-5 Sept 13-re-allocation of Property at 85-91 Park St
report Response Scottish Gov Consultation-Social Care(Self-directed Support)(Scot)Act13
report SHQS+ Improved Void Specification
report Service Plan Performance Report 2012/13
report Social Work (Complaints Review) Sub-committee - 5 February 2013
report Social Work Services Capital Programme
report Youth Court Exit Strategy - North Lanarkshire
minute Housing & Social Work Services Committee Minute of 15 August 2013
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