Meeting details

Committee: Housing and Social Work Services

Date: Wednesday 27 February 2008

Type Attachment
notice Housing and Social Work Services
agenda Housing and Social Work Services
report Application for Pressured Area Status
report Budget Monitoring 1/4/07 - 1/2/08 HRA
report Budget Monitoring 1/4/07 - 1/2/08 Non-HRA & Social Work Services
report Capital Prog & Budget Monitoring 1/4 -1/2/08 HRA Capital Prog 2007/08
report Capital Prog & Budget Monitoring 1/4 -1/2/08 Social Work Capital Prog 2007/08
report Charges for Home Support and Meal Provisions
report Composite Capital Programme 2007/08 Non-HRA Housing
report Conferences
report Contract -Environmental Improvements to Glen & Millbrae Cts, Coatbridge
report Contract -Extension of Measured Term Contracts - CCTV Systems
report Contract -Refurbishment of Muirpark Home, Viewpark & Monklands Home, Airdrie
report Contract -Refuse Chute Renewal Merryton and Muirhouse Towers, Motherwell
report Contract -Reinstatement of 29/31 Pine Court, Cumbernauld
report Contract -Residential Children's House, Fort St, Motherwell
report Cumbernauld Multi-Storey Flats
report Firm Foundations: The Future of Housing in Scotland
report Former Tenant Arrears Write-Off to 31 March 2006
report Funding Agreement between the Council & North Fed of Tenants' & Residents Assoc
report Funding for a Major Adaptation to an Owner/Occupied House
report H&SWS - Service Improvement Plan Key Action 2008/09
report HRA Capital Programme (HRA) 2008/09
report Homelessness Strategy Grant Funding - Review of Budget 2007/08
report Housing & Social Work Services Overtime Budget Monitoring Report
report Housing Allocation Policy Review - Consultation Proposals
report MPC Revised Business Process Improvement to Repairs Service
report Minutes - H&SWS(Housing Special Cases) Sub-Cmt
report Petition - Residents of an Area within Chryston re alleged Anti-Social Behaviour
report Petition - Residents of an Area within Wishaw re a Lane Closure
report Property Surplus to Requirements
report Proposed Increase to Independent Care Homes 2008/09
report Proposed increase to Vol Orgs Rates for Establishments in NL
report Quarterly Performance Management Exception Report
report Residential Care Homes for Older People
report Review of Furniture Initiatives in North Lanarkshire
report Section 10 Grants
report Supplementation Rate Increases in Establishments Outwith this Authority
report Temporary Posts
report Term Contract for Garden Assistance Scheme 2008/2013 - North and South Areas
minute Housing & Social Work Services Committee Minute of 27 February 2008
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