Meeting details

Committee: Learning and Leisure Services

Date: Tuesday 19 August 2014

Type Attachment
notice Notice of Learning & Leisure
agenda Learning & Leisure Services Committee of 19 August 2014
report Braidhurst High School, Mothewell - Transport Provision
report Community Grants Scheme - Annual Report 13/14
report Community Learning & Development Partnership Strategy 14-18
report Credit Unions Money Advice Schools Partnership Initiative
report Croy Community Centre, Croy
report Culture NL Limited - Performance Report for Quarter 4 Year End 13/14
report Cumbernauld Community Enterprise Centre
report Cumbernauld Theatre, Cumbernauld Performance Report Quarter 4 13/14
report Glenboig Community Centre - License to Operate
report HMI Inspections 2013/14
report Land and Pavilion at Moodiesburn Football Park, Moodiesburn
report Land at Brannock High School, Newarthill
report Land at Stalker Street, Wishaw
report Land at Viewpark Community Centre, Viewpark
report Learning & Leisure Services Capital Programme 14/15 1 April to 20 June 2014
report Mainstream School Transport Arranged by SPT for period 14-17
report Netherton Primary School, Wishaw - Erection of Extension & Building Alterations
report North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd Performance Report for Quarter 4 13/14
report Notification of Contract Awards for Period from 11 April to 31 July 2014
report Objection to Siting of Biomass Energy Site at New Clyde Valley Schools Campus
report Payment Rate for Provision of Childcare
report Quality Improvement Service Report 13/14
report Renaming of John Paul II Primary School, Viewpark
report Revenue Monitoring Report 14/15 from 1 April to 20 June 2014
report Review of Community Access to and Use of North Lanarkshire Schools
report School Rewiring Programme 14/15 Lot 1
report School Rewiring Programme 14/15 Lot 2
report School Transport Agency Agreement with SPT
report Service Plan Performance Report for 13/14
report Sundry Debt Write Off 2014
report Talented & Gifted Young Peoples Cultural Funding Scheme 14/15
report The @ Home Centre, Airdrie
minute Learning & Leisure Services 19 August 2014

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