Meeting details

Committee: Policy and Resources

Date: Tuesday 25 March 1997

Type Attachment
notice Policy and Resources Committee
agenda Policy and Resources Committee
report "Accountability in Complex Public Organisation" - 15-16 April 1997
report "Bench Marking Local Government Services... The Way Forward?" - 12 March 1997
report "Beyond the Vision: Managing Strategic Change in Local Government" - 19 May 1997
report "Building Economic Success" - 23 May 1997 - Edinburgh
report "Business Plan in Local Government" - 26 March 1997 - Glasgow
report "Developing and Exchanging Good Practice in the Prison Service" - 26 March 1997
report "Marketing in Local Government" - 25 March 1997
report "Opportunity for All!" - 27 March 1997 - Edinburgh
report "Preparing for Non-Competition...Is There Life after CCT?" - 13 March 1997
report "Promoting Economic and Social Cohesion in Disadvantaged Areas" - 19 March 1997
report "Quangos and a Scottish Parliament" - 28 February 1997
report "Scotland's Place in Europe" - 6 June 1997
report "The Committee of the Regions: Preparing for the Second Term" - 22-26 March 1997
report "The Executive Mayor in Practice" - 10 March 1997
report "The Global Leadership Development Conference" - 21-23 May 1997
report "The Media and a Scottish Parliament" - 27 June 1997 - Edinburgh
report "The Role of the European Officer - Dynamo or Dinosaur?" - 22 April 1997
report "Transnational and International Crime" - 15-17 May 1997 - Edinburgh
report "United Towns XVth World Congress"- 22-25 May 1997 - Lille France
report "Womens Agenda: A Black and White Issue" - 22 March 1997
report 1997/98 Budget Update
report A8/M8 Corridor: Development Opportunities
report Assessors Department - Current Workload and Staffing Implications - Establishmen
report Assistance to Lees of Scotland Limited
report Bridge Assessment Programme
report Bulk Tenders Repairs and Maintenance Contracts - Central and North District - So
report CCTV Revenue Funding
report Capital Programme Process
report Central Challange Fund 1997-98
report Equal Opportunities Sub-Committee - Membership and Remit
report Financial Monitoring Reports - Urban Programme
report Financial Monitoring reports - Chief Executives Department
report Glasgow Humane Society
report Grants to Voluntary Organisations
report Housing Capital Programme (HRA) 1997/98
report Integration of Personnel and Payroll Systems
report Liaison Committee of Unitary Authority Leaders and their Chief Executives-28 Jan
report National Lottery
report North Lanarkshire (North) Tenants and Residents Federation - Business Plan and R
report Note of Meetings
report Policy and Resources (Community Development) Sub-12 March 1997
report Policy and Resources (Policy, Planning & Performance Review) Sub 20 Feb 97
report Policy and Resources (Vacancy Control) Sub - 3 March 1997
report Policy and Resources Ad Hoc Sub-Committee - 20 February 1997
report Property Strategy - Property Disposal - Consideration of Disposals at Less Than
report Proposed Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Generating Station, Gartcosh - Public
report Submit extract of Minute of North Lanarkshire Council
report Submit report by Director of Finance
report Terms of Reference
report The Future of European Regional Policy - 18 April 1997 - Hamilton
report The Local Authorities (Property Transfer)(Scotland) Order 1995
minute Policy and Resources Committee of 25 March 1997
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