Meeting details

Committee: Policy and Resources

Date: Tuesday 28 October 1997

Type Attachment
notice Policy and Resources Committee - 28 October 1997
notice Policy and Resources Committee Notice of 28 October 1997
agenda Joint Policy & Resources & Economic Development Committees of 28 October 1997
agenda Policy and Resources Committee Agenda of 28 October 1997
report 1997 Conference of the European Network of the Unemployed (ENU)
report Alteration to Minute of Meeting of Policy & Resources Committee of 2 Sept 1997
report Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Limited
report Chief Executive's Revenue Budget - Request for Virement
report Commissioner for Local Admin in Scotland (The Ombudsman) Annual Report 1996/97
report Corporate Suggetions/Complaints Handling System
report Craigmarloch Private Housing, C'nauld - Adoption for Maintenance of Open Space
report Financial Monitoring Report - Chief Executive's Department
report Financial Monitoring Report - Urban Programme
report Local Agenda 21 in Scotland - Exhibition
report Local Govt Management Network - Shoulder to Shoulder Initiative/Policy Net One
report Mures County Council, Romania
report Nationwide Two Minute Silence on Tuesday 11 November 1997
report P&R (Community Development) Sub-Cttee Minute of 8 October 1997
report P&R (Equal Opportunities) Sub-Cttee Minute of 1 October 1997
report P&R (Policy, Planning & Performance Review) Sub-Cttee Minute - 25 September 1997
report P&R (Vacancy Control) Sub-Cttee Minute of 6 October 1997
report P&R European Wkg Group - 16/9/97 - Note of Meeting & Review of Structural Funds
report Pensions Review
report Rates Relief for Clubs and Voluntary Organisations
report Remit - Education - 21/10/97 - Education Capital Programme
report Remit - Housing- 22/10/97 - Review of Non-HRA Housing Capital Programme 1997/98
report Remit - Leisure Services - 22/10/97 - Heritage Lottery Funding for Dalzell Park
report Remit - Planning & Develop - 1/10/97 - M8/A8 Corridor Interim Land Use Strategy
report Remit - Social Work - 7/10/97 - Transnational Project with Republic of Moldova
report Request for Deputation to be Heard
report Senior Citizens Grants
report Strathclyde Fire Board - Minute of Meeting of 14 August 1997
report Strathclyde Joint Police Board - Minute of Meeting of 21 August 1997
report Strathclyde Liaison Committee - Minute of Meeting of 29 August 1997
report Temporary Traffic Management Measures - Recovery of Costs
report Use of Lay People in the Inspection of Public Services
report WINOL (World of Information in North L'Shire): Feasibility Study - Presentation
report West of Scotland European Consortium
minute Joint Policy and Resources & Economic Development Committees of 28 October 1997
minute Policy and Resources Committee of 28 October 1997
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