Meeting details

Committee: Policy and Strategy Committee

Date: Thursday 30 September 2021

Time: 10.00am

Venue: Remote Meeting

Type Attachment
notice Notice of meeting
agenda Agenda
agendapack Agenda pack
agendapack Full Agenda pack
report Minutes - Audit and Scrutiny Panel of 30 June and 2 September 2021
report The Place, The Vision - Update
report Strategic Capital Investment Programme - Update
report PoW 11: 5 Year Medium Term Financial Plan 2022/23 to 2026/27
report National Transfer Scheme - Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children
report Resettlement and Relocation Programme - Update
report Consultation: A National Care Service for Scotland
report Covid-19 Recovery Report
report P005.2(1) Development of a North Lanarkshire inclusion pledge/guarantee built around current duties and responsibilities to support the creation of additional diverse employment opportunities aligned with the Workforce for the Future Strategy
report P005.2 (4) Report on the review to consider how the Council's approach to the implementation of the Fairer Scotland Duty has delivered on the duty to reduce socio-economic disadvantage - Progress Update
report PoW (P005.1 (2) & (3)) Tackling Poverty Composite Update Report
report P086 (3) Report on the Work of the Black Lives Matter Working Group
report North Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership - Improvement Plan Update and Future Reporting
report Energy Efficiency Scotland: Area Based Scheme (Formerly HEEPS/ABS) - Owners Contributions
report Town Centres Update
report One Shared Campus
minute Minute
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