Meeting details

Committee: Regeneration

Date: Wednesday 14 January 2009

Type Attachment
notice Regeneration Committee of Wednesday 14 January 2009
agenda Regeneration Committee of 14 January 2009
report Airdrie LAP/Area Committee
report Bellshill & District LAP/Area Committee
report Capital Monitoring Report
report Closure of Woolworths Group PLC
report Coatbridge LAP/Area Committee
report Conferences
report Environmental Key Fund
report External Funding Strategy
report Fairer Scotland Fund and Community Safety Funding
report Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards 2009
report Lanarkshire Tourism Action Plan & Strategic Environmental Assesment
report Motherwell & District LAP/Area Committee
report New Investment by Scottish Southern Energy in Cumbernauld
report North LAP/Area Committee
report North Lanarkshire Economic Update
report North Lanarkshire's Working - Approval of Contracts - Advertising Agency
report North Lanarkshire's Working - Approval of Contracts - Job Brokerage Fund
report Old Wellwynd Church Redevelopment
report Payment of Overtime for Employees on or above SCP35
report Quarterly Performance Management Excpetions Report Quarter 2-April to October 08
report Revenue Leverage Fund 2008/2011
report Revenue Monitoring Report - Regeneration Services
report Unterfranconia Show (UFRA) 2008 - Schweinfurt, Germany
report Vacant and Derelict Land Fund 2008/2011
report West of Scotland Loans Fund - Performance Summary since 1996
report Wishaw and District LAP/Area Committee
report Workforce Plus Implementation Fund Award
minute Regeneration Committee Minute of 14 January 2009
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