Meeting details

Committee: Economic Development

Date: Thursday 21 August 1997

Type Attachment
notice Economic Development Committee - 21 August 1997
agenda Economic Development Committee - 21 August 1997
report Bellshill Commercial Improvement Area
report Boost for Business Start-Up - Revised Operational Procedures
report Business Information Database (Bid)
report Business/Training Assistance Programme-Quart Reoprts-Boost for Business Start-Up
report Business/Training Assistance Programme-Quart Reoprts-Employment Grants Scheme
report Business/Training Assistance Programme-Quart Reports-Mgmt & Techno Grants Scheme
report Business/Training Assistance Programme-Quart Reports-Small Business Support
report Business/Training Assistance Programme-Quart Reports-Training Assistance Grants
report Business/Training Assistance Programme-Quart Reports-Youth Employment & Training
report Cumbernauld Chamber of Commerce - Board Membership
report Dept of Planning & Development (Economic Dev Unit) - Financial Monitoring Report
report Directory of Services for Unemployed People
report Economic Regeneration - Information Pack for Secondary School Teachers
report Enterprise Trust Funding 1997/98
report Estimates of Local Economic Output (GDP) in Scotland in 1996
report Factory Closures - Alexandra Workwear, Coatbridge
report Factory Closures - Long Airdox, Motherwell
report Federation of Economic Development Authorities (FEDA) - Autumn Regional Tour
report Industrial and Commercial Leases - Approvals
report International Trade Update - Dublin, Republic of Ireland, 9-13 June 1997
report International Trade Update - Frankfurt, Germany, 8-10 June 1997
report International Trade Update - Hanover, Germany, 3-7 June 1997
report International Trade Update - West of Scotland Trade Partnership Programme
report Lanarkshire Development Agency - Annual Report & Accounts 1996/97
report Lift-Off Fund 1996/97
report Marketing Assistance Programme for Tourism Businesses
report New Benefits Agency & Employment Services Initiative-A New Deal for Lone Parents
report New Development - Organon Laboratories, Newhouse Industrial Estate, Chapelhall
report North Lanarkshire Business Directory 1997/98
report North Lanarkshire Council Business Loans Fund (NLBLF)
report North Lanarkshire Council CCTV Review
report North Lanarkshire Multi-Media Business Directory
report Policy Review of the Scottish Tourist Board
report Strathclyde Police - Grant Support for CCTV Systems 1997/98
report Summary of Research Report - "The Real Level of Unemployment"
report Tourism Newsletter - Tourism Matters
report Town Centre Initiatives Ltd - Appointment of New Town Centre Manager
report Town Centre Projects
report Unemployment Monitoring - Unemployment Figures to June 1997
report Urban Programme Economic Development Funded Projects - Tour of Projects
report World of Information in North Lanarkshire (WINOL) - Feasibility Study
minute Economic Development Committee of 21 August 1997
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