Meeting details

Committee: Economic Development

Date: Thursday 25 November 1999

Type Attachment
notice Economic Development Committee - 25 November 1999
notice Notice of Economic Development Committee
agenda Agenda of Economic Development of 25 November 1999
report Boost for Business Start-Up Quarterly Report 1July 1999 - 30 September 1999
report Budget Monitoring Report Period 1/4/99 - 10/10/99 Economic Developement
report Business Loans Funds - Approvals Under Delegated Authority - Quarterly Report
report Employment Grants Scheme Quarterly Report
report Environment Task Force
report Lanarkshire Key Fund
report Lanarkshire Screen Locations
report Management and Technology Training Grant - Six Monthly Report - 1 April -30 Sept
report North Lanarkshire Business Loans in conjunction with the West of Scotland Loans
report North Lanarkshire CCTV Limited - Articles of Association
report North Lanarkshire CCTV Limited - Progress Report
report North Lanarkshire Public Access Steering Group
report Performance of Enterprise Trusts - 6 Monthly Report - 1April-30 Sept
report Personnel Services Committee held on 12 October 1999 - Absence Management Stats
report Petition - CCTV Camera, Hamilton Road, Orbiston, Bellshill
report Planning & Environment Performance
report Planning and Environment Department - Service Plan 2000-2003
report Redundancy Support Provision
report Revenue Estimates 2000/2001 Base Submissions
report Support Worker (Local Training Support Centres) - ESF Objective 3
report The Government's Proposals for Objective 2 Coverage in North Lanarkshire
report Town Centre Initiatives - Minutes of Board Meeting and Progress Report
report Training Assistance Grant 1999/2000
report West of Scotland Loans Fund - Evaluation Report
report Year 2000 Compliance
report Youth Emplyment and Training Initiative 1999 - Quarterly Monitoring Report
minute Economic Development Committee of 25 November 1999
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