Meeting details

Committee: Education

Date: Wednesday 25 May 2005

Type Attachment
notice Education Committee
agenda Education Committee
report Contracts - Cardinal Newman HS, Bellshill - Windows
report Contracts - Kilsyth Academy, Kilsyth - Roof
report Contracts - Morningside PS, Wishaw - Boiler
report Contracts - St Andrew's PS, Cumbernauld
report Contracts - St Lucy's PS, Cumbernauld - Boiler
report Contracts - St. Aidan's PS, Wishaw- Boiler
report Contracts - Tollbrae PS, Airdrie - Boiler
report Conferences
report Education (Joint Appeals, Maintenance Allowances and Bursaries) Sub
report Education Department Service Improvement Plan 2004/07
report Education Maintenance Allowance Policy 2005/06
report Establishment of Nursery Class at Auchinloch PS
report HMI Report on Improving Achievement in Science in Primary and Secondary Schools
report Higher School Bursery Policy 2005/06
report Increase to Annual Income Determining Free School Meal Entitlement
report New opportunities for Physical Education and Sports Programme
report Protecting Children and Young People: Scottish Executive Guidance
report Revenue Estimates 2004/05 - Provisional Financial Outturn
report SE Consultation - Improving Parents' Involvement in Schools
report SE Guidance - Educating Children at Home
report School Holiday Arraangements 2006/07
report School Transport Arranged by SPT 2005/08
report Service Level Agreement with Partner Providers of Nursery Education
report Sports 21- Sports Development Strategy
minute Education Committee Minute of 25 May 2005

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