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Committee: Housing Committee

Date: Wednesday 10 March 1999

Type Attachment
notice Housing Committee - 10/03/99
agenda Housing Committee - 10/03/99
report Airbles Road, Motherwell
report Alert Community Alarm Service - Creation of NL Central Control
report Annual Social Security Uprating - April 1999
report Contract -Add Work Defective Pitched Roofs(Rosemary Tiles)Central
report Contract -Add Work Window Replace Prog Priorities M15-M17
report Contract- Add Works Demolition 4 Blocks Cumbrae Cresc, Sykeside C'Bridge
report Contract- Additional Work-Home Safety & Security Rewiring Gowkthrapple
report Contract- Additional Work-Homeless Initiatives Thrashbush CCTV
report Contract- CCTV 1998/99, Craigneuk Area (South)
report Contract- Heating Programme South 1998/99 Contract 1
report Contract- HomeSafety & Security Greenend CCTV, Coatbridge
report Contract- Mini Prog 1998/99 Coltness CCTV
report Contract- Re-Rendering Central Area Phase 2
report Contract- UPVC Window Replacement Phase 6 Abronhill
report Cumbernauld YM/YWCA Funding Arrangement
report Departmental Establishment
report Departmental IT Development Plan
report Electrical Re-Wiring Programme
report Empty Homes Initiative
report Empty Homes Initiative 1998/99 - Viewpark Nursery
report Forgewood Homesteading Blocks - Update
report Former Tenant Arrears/Credits Write-Off to 31 March 1997
report Future Contracts-Servicing & Maintenance to Door Entry/CCTV
report Garden Assistance Scheme
report GasSafety(Installations&Use)Regs1994(as amended 1996)
report Housing (Special Cases) SubCommittee - 26/02/99 - Minutes
report Housing Capital Monitoring & Progress Status Report
report Housing Capital Prog (HRA) 1999/2000
report Housing Monitoring & Progress Status Report
report Investing in Modernisation - An Agenda for Scotland's Housing
report Local Care Partnership Scheme - Round 2
report Modernising Community Care -Guidance on the Housing Contribution
report Mr D Former Temporary Relief Warden- Housing Dept
report New Futures Initiative, Employment & Support Project
report New HousingPartnershipsAllocation of Resources1999-2002
report Non-Traditional Houses
report North Lanarkshire Care & Repair Project
report North Motherwell Development Proposals
report Paterson Str, Motherwell Development Proposals
report Petition - 20-48 Aster Gardens Motherwell
report Petition - Fencing at Annan and Endrick Court, Coatbridge
report Petition - Proposed Eviction Mr M Horatius St, Motherwell
report Quarterly Performance Review Report 31/12/98
report Replacement Programme of Sheltered Housing Complex Alarm Systems
report Reports & Information Update
report Revenue Budget Monitoring - HRA 1/4/98 - 31/1/99
report Revenue Budget Monitoring - Non- HRA 1/4/98 - 31/1/99
report Review of Services for People with Learning Disabilities
report Superiors Consent - Velux Roof Conversion 17 Emily Dr M'Well
report Tenant Contents Insurance Scheme
report Verification Framework-Housing Benefit&Council Tax Rebate
report Void Rent Loss
report Window Replacement Programme
report Year 2000 Compliance Testing
minute Housing Committee
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