Meeting details

Committee: Housing and Technical Services

Date: Thursday 22 January 2004

Type Attachment
notice Housing and Tech Services Committee
agenda Housing and Technical Services Committee
report Add Support Tenant Participation re Financial Assist to Coatbridge Fed Tenants
report Ainslie Rd/Maclehose Rd Regeneration
report CCTV Provision Jerviston Estate, Motherwell
report Conferences
report Fife Drive, Motherwell
report Funding for a Major Adaptation re Owner/Occupied House
report HRA Capital Prog 2004/2006 - Nominated Sub-Contract etc
report Heating Replacement Prog 2004/05/06
report Housing & Prop Services Depart Service Improve Plan & Revenue Budget
report Housing & Tech Services (Capital Prog) Sub-Cmt - Minutes
report Housing Action Area for Demolition - Draft Resolution - Ainslie Rd
report Housing Capital Prog (HRA) 2004/2005
report Improve/Repairs Grants: Houses in Council Tax Band F & above
report Local Housing Strategy
report Local Housing Strategy - Scottish Executive Resources
report Lock-Up Demolitions - Kintyre Crescent, Plains
report Lock-Up Demolitions - Uist Place, Petersburn
report Lock-Up Rental 2004/2005
report Monitoring Reports - Design Services
report Monitoring Reports - Housing Revenue Account
report Monitoring Reports - Non- HRA Account
report North Lanarkshire Care and Repair Appoint of Managing Agent
report Owner/Occupiers participating in HRA Capital Contracts
report Petition - Residents of James Dempsey Gds, Coatbridge
report Petition - Residents of an Area within Coatbridge
report Petition - Residents of an Area within Kilsyth
report Re-Tendering of Tenants' Contents Insurance Scheme
report Regrading - Senior Clerk of Works Post
report SCP35 Overtime Monitoring Report
report South District Tower Block Overcladding
report South District Window Replacement Prog M61-M63
report The Housing (Scot) Act 2001 - intro re Single Regulatory Framework
report Tower Services funded from the Housing Revenue Account
report Transfer of Development Funding
minute Housing and Technical Services

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