Meeting details

Committee: Housing and Technical Services

Date: Thursday 2 September 2004

Type Attachment
notice Housing and Technical Services
agenda Housing and Tech Services
report Anti-Social Task Force - Report on Charges
report Conferences
report Funding for Disabled Adaptations in Private Sector Hsing
report Funding for Major Adaptation O/O Hse, Bellshill
report General Debtors Bad Debt Write Offs
report Grant Allowance Scheme - Lead Pipe Replacement
report Housing Action Area for Demolition etc
report Housing Allocation Policy
report Housing Capital Prog (HRA) 04/05
report Land Surplus to Requirements
report Minute -Hs &Tech Services(Capital Prog & Repairs) Sub-Cmt
report Petersburn Development Trust
report Petitions - Residents Anti-Social Behaviour - Coatbridge
report Petitions - Residents Anti-Social Behaviour - Motherwell
report Petitions - Residents Anti-Social Behaviour - Newmains
report Petitions - Residents Anti-Social Behaviour - Wishaw
report Petitions - Residents Anti-Social Behaviour by Young People M'Well
report Petitions - Residents of Aitken St re. Off-Street Parking
report Petitions - Residents of Draffen Tower
report Petitions - Residents of Kirkwood
report Petitions - Residents of Newarthill re Lane Closure
report Petitions - Residents of Warnock Cres. re. CCTV
report Proposed Lane Closure Balcastle Gds etc
report Remit - P&R Child Protection
report Remit - P&R Value for Money
report Remit - Social Work Cmt - Section 10 Grants
report Revenue Budget Monitoring - Design Services
report Revenue Budget Monitoring - Non-HRA A/C
report Revenue Budget Monitoring Report Housing Revenue A/C
report Review Caretaking Services in Gowkthrapple etc
report SCP35 Overtime Monitoring Report
report Scrutiny Panel - Departmental Response
report Scrutiny Panel - Remit P&R report on Rent Arrears etc
report Supported Accom - Painting & Decorating
report Supporting People Service Reviews
report Temp Post Anaalyst - Benefit Fraud Section
report The Housing (Scot) Act - SRF
report The Scottish Housing Quality Standard etc
report Touch Screen Tech Kiosks
minute Housing and Technical Services Committee Minute of 2 September 2004

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