Meeting details

Committee: Housing and Technical Services

Date: Thursday 4 November 2004

Type Attachment
notice Housing and Tech Services Committee
agenda Hsg. & Tech. Services Committee - 4 November 2004
report 82 Unitas Road, Mossend
report Alterations-Concierge Entrance at Airth Court, M/well-Contractor in Liquidation
report Approval to Build a Traditional Extension at Newarthill
report Conferences
report Design Services - Approved Partnering Arrangements with Consultants
report Disposal of Houses Ballochney Street, Airdrie
report Financial Assistance - Glasgow Housing Aid Centre
report Financial Assistance - Scottish Council Single Homeless
report Homelessness Strategy Funding Priorities re Resource Allocations
report Housing &Tech Services Cmt(Capital Prog) Sub- Minutes
report Kitchen Unit Replacement Prog - Blackburn Type Houses
report Land Surplus to Operational Requirements
report Painting & Decorating - Kitchen Prog - ILM Project
report Petition - Residents in vicinity of Sandy Park , Bellshill
report Petition - Residents of Draffen Tower, M'Well
report Petition - Residents of Mossend, Bellshill
report Petition - Residents of Sanderson Av, Viewpark
report Petition - Residents of an Area in Coatbridge
report Petition - Residents of an area in Wishaw re Lane Closure
report Proposed Chronological Based Capital Programme for Re-roofing and Re-rendering
report Proposed Demolition 1-15 Lloyd Drive, Motherwell
report Remit from P & R Cmt 21/09 - Delivery of Street Lighting
report Remit from Social Work Cmt 28/10 - Joint Com Care Plan
report Review of Monitoring Report - Design Services
report Review of Monitoring Report - HRA
report Review of Monitoring Report - Non- HRA
report SCP35 Overtime Monitoring Report
report Scottish Executive Consultation Maintaining Houses
report Scottish Housing Quality Standard - Stock Condition
report Service Improvement Plan 2004/2005 Six Monthly Review
report Term Maintenance Contract - Preservation Work
report Transfer of Development Funding
report Transitional Audit Performance Reporting
report Uniforms
report remit from P & E Cmt 15 Sept NL Open Space Strategy
minute Housing & Technical Services Committee Minute of 4 November 2004

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