Meeting details

Committee: Housing and Technical Services

Date: Thursday 20 January 2005

Type Attachment
notice Housing & Tech Services Committee
agenda Housing and Technical Services
report Anti-Social Behaviour Etc (Scotland) Act
report Conferences
report Environmental Improvement Grant - Rochsoles, Airdrie & Sikeside
report Furnished Tenancy Grant - Offer of Grant
report Ground at Chryston Road Chryston - Proposed Sale to Clyde Valley Housing Assoc
report HRA Capital Prog - Environmental/Back Ct Improvements
report Homeless Persons (Unsuitable Accom) (Scotland) (Order)
report Homelessness Strategy - Feedback from Assessment Panel
report Housing & Prop Services Dept -Service Improvement Plan 2004/2005-2006/2007 etc
report Housing & Tech Services Cmt (Capital Prog&Repairs) Sub-Cmt
report Housing (Scot) Act 1987 - Sec 108 Notice - 22-46 Hill St, Wishaw
report Housing Capital Programme (HRA) 2004/2005
report Housing Capital Programme (HRA) 2005/06
report Housing Sub-Offices (South Division)
report Improvement/Repairs Grants - Energy Efficiency-Cairnhill, Airdrie
report Land Surplus to Op Requirements
report Lock-Up Demolition/Garage Site Removal
report Lock-Up Rental 2005/06
report Maintenance & Prop Care Ltd - Housing Capital Works - Kitchens
report Monitoring Report - Design Services
report Monitoring Report - HRA
report Monitoring Report - Non- HRA
report Petition - Residents of Area in North Motherwell re Anti-Social Behaviour
report Petition - Residents of Forgewood Area Motherwell re Anti-Social Behaviour
report Petition - Residents of Mossend re Anti-Social Behaviour
report Petition - Residents of Sandy Park,Warnock Cres Objecting to lane closure
report Petition - Residents of Sheltered Housing Complex Unitas Ct , Bellshill
report Petition - Residents of an Area within Motherwell re Anti-Social Behaviour
report Petition - Residents requesting Lane Closure re Kennedy St/Meadowburn Rd,Wishaw
report Pool of Clerical Assistants
report Remit - P&R (Finance) Sub-Cmt 9/11/04 - Council Tax Discount for Unoccupied Dwel
report Remit - Social Work Cmt - 13/1/05 - Implementation of Mental Health etc
report SCP35 O/T Monitoring Report
report Selection of Housing Support Provders for Pipeline Projects
report Tied Houses
minute Housing and Technical Services Ctte 20 January 2005

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