Meeting details

Committee: Housing and Technical Services

Date: Thursday 1 September 2005

Type Attachment
notice H & TS Committee
agenda H&TS Committee
report Ainslie/Maclehose Road Regen - Kildrum School Site
report Allocation of a Council House
report Composite Cap Prog 04/05 Non-HRA - Outturn Position
report Conferences
report Former Tied Houses
report Homelessness Research Operation of Power to Modify
report Homelessness Strategy Funding Priorities etc
report Hsing & Prop Services Race Equality Action Plan
report Hsing Cap Prog (HRA)04/05 Outturn & Mid Year Review
report Local Housing Strategy Annual Review 2005
report Measured Term Contract - Footpaths & Assoc Work
report Measured Term Contract - Roofing & Rendering Batch A
report Measured Term Contract - Roofing & Rendering Batch B
report Measured Term Contract - Warden/Nurse Call Systems
report Minutes H&TS (Capital Prog) Sub-Cmt
report Monitoring report - Design Services
report Monitoring report - HRA
report Monitoring report - Non-HRA
report Petition -Residents in Muirhouse Tower, M'Well
report Petition -Residents in Ruskin Pl/Arran View, Kilsyth
report Petition -Residents of Cumbrae Dr, M'Well
report Petition -Residents of Dimsdale, Wishaw - Kitchen Refurbish
report Petition -Residents of an Area in Carfin
report Private Sector Section: Staffing
report Proposed Closure of a lane adjacent to 33 Uist Pl, Airdrie
report Results of NLC Tenant Questionnaire 2004
report SCP35 O/T Monitoring Report
report Tenants Info Service (TIS) Funding Request 05/06
report Use of Accommodation as Com Facility
report remit - P & R (Prop) Sub-Cmt NLC Fuel Poverty Statement
report remit - Plan & Environ Cmt - Planning Advice Note 74
minute Housing & Technical Services Committee Minute of 1 September 2005
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