Meeting details

Committee: Interim Executive

Date: Thursday 21 September 1995

Type Attachment
notice Interim Executive Committee Notice of 21 September 1995
agenda Interim Executive Committee Agenda of 21 September 1995
report Adoption of Guiding Principles of Staff Transfers
report Advice from Local Gov Staff Comm (Scot) - Appointments
report Advice from Local Gov Staff Comm (Scot) - Grievances and Appeals
report Advice from Local Gov Staff Comm (Scot) - Select & Match of Individuals to Posts
report Appointment of Director of Insurance Advisor/Broker
report Budget 1995-96
report Community Care Service Developments - Phase I Funding from Health Boards
report Conf - Achieving a Flexible Work Force - Move Toward Friendly Family Policies
report Conf - Action with Refugee Communities - Glasgow - 17 Nov 1995
report Conf - COSLA Reorganisation Programme
report Conf - Creative Care at Home Exchanging the Euro Exp - St Andrews - 15-17 Nov 95
report Conf - How to Deliver Info and Advice in Rural Areas - Inverness - 18 Oct 1995
report Conf - New Council Services and Equal Opp - Glasgow - 23 Oct 1995
report Conf - Planning Conference - Dumfries - 24-26 Oct 1995
report Conf - Scottish Civic Entertainment Assoc - Elgin - 10-12 Oct 1995
report Conf - Towards a Sustainable Scotland - Dunfermline - 7 Nov 1995
report Cons Doc by Greater Glasgow HB - Purchasing Acute Services to 2001
report Day Services for Adults with Learning Difficulties - SRC
report Eurocentral Inward Investment Site - Infrastructure Requirements
report Housing IT Strategy
report Interim Recruitment Arrangements
report Loc Gov Etc (Scot) Act 1994 - Sec 55 - Major Fin Trans - Const of Football Stad
report Loc Gov Etc (Scot) Act 1994 - Sec 55 - Major Fin Trans - Long Term Borrow Trans
report Local Gov Elections - Changes to Franchise and Qualification of Members/Reg 1995
report Local Government Etc (Scotland) Act 1994 - Children's Hearing System
report Plots 7 & 8, Excelsior Park, Wishaw - Proposed Lane
report Plots 7 and 8 Excelsior Park, Wishaw - Proposed Lease
report Pre-School Education in Scotland
report Residential and Nursing Home Care for Adults
report Review of Addiction Projects - Strathclyde Regional Council
report Scottish House Conditions Survey 1996
report Second General Review of European Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries
report Specific Grant for Gaelic Education 1996-97
report Structure and Appointment of Accounting Manager
report Third/Fourth Tier Structures
report Third/Fourth Tier Structures - App of Business Syst Manager & Prod Serv Manager
report Third/Fourth Tier Structures - Personnel Division, Dept of Administration
report Third/Fourth Tier Structures - Structure and Appointment of Accounting Manager
report Urban Programme - Mainlining Primary Link/Support Unit, Coatbridge - SRC
minute Interim Executive Committee of 21 September 1995

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