Meeting details

Committee: Personnel Services

Date: Thursday 4 May 2000

Type Attachment
notice Personnel Services Committee
agenda Personnel Services Committee
report Circulars - 2000 Pay Negotiations - Local Government Employees
report Circulars - Changes to Maternity Rights
report Department of Administration Service Plan 2000/2001
report Department of the Chief Executive - Social Inclusion Partnership - Update
report Dept of Community Services - Action Programme for Youth - Request for Assistance
report Dept of Community Services - Application for Early Retirement
report Dept of Community Services - Community Resources Restructuring
report Dept of Community Services - Overtime Payments
report Dept of Community Services - Regrading Applications
report Dept of Community Services - School Crossing Patrol Service
report Dept of Construction Services - Regrading - Office Administrator
report Dept of Education - Excellence Fund - Classroom Assistants
report Dept of Education - Expansion of Pre-school, Sure Start and Childcare Provision
report Dept of Education - Links Officer in the Arts in Education
report Dept of Education - Psychological Service: Enhancement of Staffing
report Dept of Education - Technical Support inSchools: Staffing Rationalisation
report Dept of Housing - Capital Receipts - Resources
report Dept of Housing - Concierge Review
report Dept of Housing - Energy Advice and Development Unit - Admin Arrangements
report Dept of Housing - Estate Caretaking Service, Cambusnethan, Wishaw
report Dept of Housing - Review of Caretaking Service: Motherwell Area
report Dept of Housing - Roughsleepers Initiative
report Dept of Social Work - Castlehill Community School Groupworker Post
report Dept of Social Work - Home Care - Creation of Grade 3 Home Support Worker
report Dept of Social Work - Overtime Monitoring Report
report Group Life Assurance Scheme
report Occupational Health Contract
report Pay Negotiations
report Personnel Services (Early Retirement) Sub-Committee
report Politically Restricted Posts
report Revenue Estimates 1999/00 - Personnel Services Division
report ept of Construction Services - PPP - Window Factory (NEWCO)
minute Personnel Services Committee

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