Meeting details

Committee: Social Work

Date: Tuesday 26 November 1996

Type Attachment
notice Social Work Committee Notice of 26 November 1996
agenda Agenda of Social Work Committee of 26 November 1996
report Conference - Beyond Benefits - Creating a Just Society - Glasgow - 15 Nov 1996
report Conference - Does Community Care Work? - London - 27-28 February 1997
report Conference - Early Years Structures and Services - Edinburgh - 12 December 1996
report Conference - From Policy to Practice - Criminal Just. - Dunblane - 28-30 Jan 97
report Conference - The NHS Beyond the Year 2000: Edinburgh - 6 Nov 1996
report Death of a Young Person in Care
report Department of Social Work - Capital Requirements
report Department of Social Work - Revenue Estimates 1996/97 - Fin. Monitor. Statement
report Department of Social Work - Revenue Estimates 1997/98 - Base Submission
report Early Years Structures and Serv, in Scotland's Unit Coun. - Edinburgh - 12 Dec
report Local Authority Complaints Procedure
report Management of Residential and Nursing Home Turnover
report Member Representation on Social Work Comm. and Sub-Comm and Ass. Outside Bodies
report Minute of Social Work (Operations and Services) Sub-Committee of 12 November 96
report Review of Maternity and Related Services
report Social Work (Planning and Administration) Sub-Committee of 13 November 1996
report Social Work Service Plan 1997/2000
report Strathclyde Credit Union Development Agency (SCUDA) - App. of Representative
minute Social Work Committee
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