Meeting details

Committee: Social Work

Date: Monday 4 March 1996

Type Attachment
notice Social Work Committee Notice of 4 March 1996
agenda Social Work Committee Agenda of 4 March 1996
report Appointment of Safeguarders
report Arrangements for Registration and Inspection Functions
report Community Care Contract - Talbot Assoc - Prem at 1920 London Road, Glasgow
report Community Care Planning - Joint Planning Structures
report Community Care Service Developments
report Complaints Procedure
report Complaints Procedure
report Conference - Crisis in Community Care - Glasgow - 25 March 1996
report Conference - The Bes Kind of Home - Edinburgh - 27 March 1996
report Conference - The Best Kind of Home - Edinburgh - 27 March 1996
report Conference - Youth and Crime - Rotherham - 27 March 1996
report Criminal Justice Social Work Services Revision of Nat. Stands. for Throughcare
report Curators Ad Litem and Reporting Officers (Panels) (Scotland) Regulations
report Department of Social Work - Structure - Temporary Posts
report Employment and Redundancy Support Unit
report Establishment of Advisory Committee on Inspection
report Establishment of a Child Protection Committee
report Establishment of a Parental Rights Sub-Committee
report Establishment of an Adoption and Foster Panel and an Adopt and Fost Review Group
report Making the Punishment Fit the Crime - Scottish Office Home Dept for Cons Paper
report Minute of Children's Panel Advisory Committee of 9 February 1996
report Scheme of Delegated Powers
report Standard Charge for Residential Accommodation Operated by the Council
report Supplementation Rates and Allowances to be paid by NLC during 1996-97
report Supported Employment - Authority to Contract for Supported Employment Places
report Time Well Spent - A Report on "Day Services for People with Mental Illness"
report Upratilng of Approved Nursing and Residential Home Rates for 1996-97
minute Social Work Committee
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