Meeting details

Committee: Social Work

Date: Tuesday 6 June 2000

Type Attachment
notice Social Work Committee
agenda Social Work Committee
report Dementia - Needs and Resources
report Domestic Abuse Service Development Fund
report Final Measurements
report Housing and Social Work Protocols : Homeless Rent Arrears Anti Social Beh & Adap
report Introduction of Customer Service Charter
report New Community Schools
report North Lanarkshire Care of Repair Project : Budget for 2000/2001
report Procedures for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults
report Progress Report on Member/Officer Working Groups - A Home for the Future
report Progress Report on Member/Officer Working Groups Joint Equipment and Adaptations
report Review of Day Care Services for Older People
report SEN and Disability Rights in Education Bill Consultation
report Scheme of Delegation - Amendment
report Scott House, Motherwell - Refurbishment of Directorate Offices on Fourth Floor
report Scottish Executive : Disability Rights Task Force Report
report Scottish Executive Annual Report - Visit to North Lanarkshire
report Section 10 Funding
report Social Work (Operations & Services) Sub-Committee - 30 May 2000
report Social Work (Planning & Admin) Sub-Committee - 23 May 2000
report Social Work Capital Programme 2000/2001
report Social Work Department Service Plan - 2002/2003
report Strategy for Carers in Scotland
report The Same as You National Review of Services for People with Learning Disability
report Waterhouse Enquiry - North Wales Report - Lost in Care
minute Social Work Committee
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