Meeting details

Committee: Social Work

Date: Tuesday 21 November 2000

Type Attachment
notice Social Work Committee
agenda Social Work Committee
report Access Project - Funding
report Accounts Commission : Performance Indicators 1999/2000 and 1st Quarter 2000/01
report Area Office Accommodation - Airdrie
report Children's Hospice Association in Scotland (CHAS)
report Composite Capital Programme Monitoring Report - 1 April to 15 October 2000
report Creation of Permanent and Temporary Posts
report Customer Service Social Work Performance -Quarterly Monitoring Report-Quarter 2
report Diet and Nutrition Policy
report Financial Monitoring Report - Sheltered Employment -1 April to 15 October 2000
report Financial Monitoring Report - Social Work Department -1 April to 15 October 2000
report Guidance on Charging for Services to Enable People to Remain in their Own Home
report Joint Community Care Plan and Accommodation Strategy Annual Review 2000
report Management & Funding of Nursing Home & Resindential Placements for Older People
report Member/Officer Working Group - A Home for the Future
report Member/Officer Working Group - Equipment and Adaptations
report Minute of Social Work (Operations & Services) Sub-Committee -14 November 2000
report Minute of Social Work (Planning & Administration) Sub-Committee -7 November 2000
report NLC Registration and Inspection Unit Annual Report - 1999/2000
report Protecting Children : Securing Their Safety
report Resources for Community Care Services
report Scottish Executive's Response to the Royal Commission on Long Term Care
report Section 10 Funding
report Service Plan Monitoring - Quarterly Report
report Social Work Revenue Estimates 2001/2002 Base Submissions
report Social Work Service Plan
report Youth Crime Review -Its a Criminal Waste-Stop Youth Crime -Making it Work
report Youth Crime Review Assessment - Its a Criminal Waste - Stop Youth Crime Now
minute Social Work Committee
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