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Committee: Social Work

Date: Thursday 23 August 2001

Type Attachment
notice Social Work
agenda Social Work Committee
report A Home for the Future - Implementation Plan
report Absence Management Statistics - January to March 2001
report Addiction Services - Development of Services for Children and Young People
report Administration of Top Up Funds - Disabled Adaptation Improvement Grants
report Best Value Review - Community Meals Services
report Better Care for all our Futures
report Care Development Group
report Changing for the Future - Social Work Services for the 21st Century
report Child Protection Procedures
report Chilterns Home for the Elderly
report Composite Capital Programme 2001/2002 Monitoring Report - 1 April -20 July 2001
report Consultation Paper on Plan for Action on Alcohol Misuse
report Contract with SLAM Centre - Review of Absence Levels in Social Work Dept
report Customer Service Charter - Monitoring Report
report Death of a Looked After Child
report Development of Respite Care Services for Children & Adults (PHEW)
report Final Measurements
report Implementation of Budget Proposals
report Implementation of Joint Equipment and Adaptations - Progress Report
report Initiatives Promoting Social Inclusion
report Joint Community Care Plan - 2001-2004
report Minute of Social Work (Operations & Services) Sub-Committee
report Modernising Social Work Services - Draft National Standards
report North Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee - Proposals for Support Posts
report North Lanarkshire Strategy for Carers
report Private Sector Home Care - Purchasing Framework
report Progress - Review and Development of Residential Child Care Services
report Proposals for New Laws to Help Carers
report Public Performance Reporting - 2000/2001
report Recognition of Staff Achievement
report Request for Special Leave
report Revenue Budget Monitoring Report - 1 April to 20 July 2001
report Revenue Budget Monitoring Report - Outturn 1 April 2000 to 31 March 2001
report Revenue Budget Monitoring Report - Sheltered Workshop - 1 April to 20 July 2001
report Social Work Department Restructure - Revised Organisation Chart
report Social Work Service Plan - Quarterly Monitoring Report
report Social Work(Planning & Admin)Sub -Committee
report Statutory Performance Indicators - Annual Report 2000/2001 and 1st Quarter 2001
report Supported Employment - Visit to Basque Country
report Supported Employment Placement Scheme
report The Future of Care Homes in Scotland
report The Surestart Initiative 2000/2004
minute Social Work Committee

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