Meeting details

Committee: Social Work

Date: Thursday 9 May 2002

Type Attachment
notice Social Work Committee
agenda Social Work Committee
report A Home for the Future - Implementation Plan
report Addiction Services Developments
report Addictions Reference Group
report Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000
report Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 - Authorisation of Action
report Allocation of Additional Resources for Care Home Fees/Council Approved Rates
report Best Value Review of Home Care - Update
report Composite Capital Programme 2001/2002 Monitoring Report
report Conferences/Seminars Etc.
report Day Opportunities for People with Learning Disabilities - Progress Report
report Delayed Discharges Report and Action Plan
report Equipment and Adaptations - Implementation Progress Report
report European Funding Applications
report Financial Monitoring Report for Sheltered Employment
report Financial Monitoring Report for the Social Work Department
report Framework for Purchasing Respite Placements for Frail Older People
report Implementation of Social Work Priorities 2002
report Includem Offenders Project
report Management of Health and Safety
report Minute of Social Work (Operations and Services) Sub-Committee
report Minute of Social Work (Planning and Administration) Sub-Committee
report NLC Child Protection Committee - Review of Training Co-ordinator Post
report National Plan for Action on Alcohol Problems
report New Community Schools - Roll Out Programme (Phase 1)
report Progress Report on the Review and Development of NL Child Care Services
report Recognition of Social Work Staff
report Review of Funding - Heatherpark House
report Servicing Maintenance etc. Award of Three Year Measured Term Contract
report Social Work Service Plan 2001/2002 - Quarterly Monitoring Report
report Study visit for Senior Officials and Practitioners from Serbia and Montenegro
report Supported Employment Service Review
report The Blue Badge Parking Scheme for Disabled People
report Training of Students Social Workers
minute Social Work Committee of 9 May 2002

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