Meeting details

Committee: Social Work

Date: Thursday 27 February 2003

Type Attachment
notice Social Work Committee
agenda Social Work Committee
report A Home for the Future - Management and Admin Review in Homes for Older People
report Audit Scotland "Dealing with Offending by Young People"
report Best Value Review of Home Support Services
report Charging for Home Care and Support Services
report Children's Services in North Lanarkshire
report Composite Capital Programme - Monitoring Report - 1 April 2002 - 3 January 2003
report Conferences
report Consultation Paper - Scottish Care Commission : Proposals for Maximum Fees
report Day Care Centres for Older People - Extending Opening Hours
report Day Opportunities for People with Learing Disabilities - Progress Report
report Death of a Looked After Child
report Death of a Looked After Child
report Equipment and Adaptations - Implementation Progress Report
report Financial Monitoring Report - Sheltered Employment 1 April 2002 - 3 January 2003
report Financial Monitoring Report - Social Work Dept - 1 April 2002 - 3 January 2003
report Implementation of Part 2 of Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act 2002
report Implementation of Self Directed Services
report Joint Equipment Service - Official Launch
report Minute of Social Work (Operations & Services) Sub - 13/02/02
report Minute of Social Work (Planning & Admin) Sub - 11/02/02
report North Lanarkshire Strategy for Carers - Progress Report on Use of Funds 2002/03
report Reception Cover in Sir John Mann Centre, Bellshill
report Recruitment of Social Workers
report Review of Housing to Older People
report Review of Progress in Social Work
report Scottish Social Services Council - Draft Rules for Social Work Training 2003
report Section 10 Grants
report Service Developments - Pilot Youth Court - Hamilton Sheriff Court
report Service Developments of Community Alternatives at Kirknowe
report Social Work Service Improvement Plan - Quarterly Monitoring Report
report Statutory Performance Indicators - Monitoring Report 2nd and 3rd Quarters
minute Social Work Committee of 27 February 2003

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