Meeting details

Committee: Social Work

Date: Thursday 15 January 2004

Type Attachment
notice Social Work Committee
agenda Social Work Committee
report Best Value Review of Independent Living Services
report Brain Injury Needs Identification Work by DARE
report Budget Monitoring Report - Sheltered Employment - 1 April to 7 November 2003
report Choose Life : A National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland
report Composite Capital Programme - Social Work Dept - 1 April to 5 December 2003
report Conferences
report Contract - Community Alarm Dispersed Units
report Contract - Conversion of Unit 33 Fern Street, Motherwell
report Death of a Looked After Child
report Departmental Race Equality Action Plan
report Equipment and Adaptations Implementation Progresss Report
report Establishment of Posts of Administrative Assistant - Reception Services Teams
report Lanarkshire Community Care Forum
report Minute - Social Work (Operations & Services) Sub-Committee - 4 December 2003
report Minute - Social Work (Planning & Administration) Sub-Committee -11 December 2003
report Modernisation of Children's Residential Homes in North Lanarkshire
report North Lanarkshire Care and Repair Project - Appointment of Managing Agent
report North Lanarkshire Strategy for Carers - Use of Development Funds
report Petition - Community Groups using Alexander Resource Centre, Coatbridge
report Post of Service Manager - Health Action
report Re-Designation of Posts within Social Work Department
report Report on Mental Health Stakeholder Event and Service Developments
report Revenue Budget Monitoring Report - Social Work Dept - 1 April to 7 November 2003
report Revised Costs for the Richmond Fellowship Scotland
report Revised Maintenance Rates - Enable Homes, Cumbernauld
report Safer Homes Initiative Rapid Response Team
report Section 10 Grants
report Service Improvement Plan - Quarterly Monitoring Report 2002-2005
report Service Improvement Plan 2003/04 to 2004/05 and Revenue Budget 2004/05
report Services to People with Dementia and their Carers
report Specific Grant - Training
report Supported Employment Conference
report The Day Oppurtunities for People with Learning Disabilities - Progresss Report
report The Inquiry into the Death of Caleb Ness
minute Social Work

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