Meeting details

Committee: Social Work

Date: Thursday 26 August 2004

Type Attachment
notice Social Work Committee
agenda Social Work Committee
report Addiction Services - Service Developments
report Child Protection - Joint Statement of Assurance - North Lanarkshire Response
report Composite Capital Programme Monitoring Report - 1/4to 23/7/04
report Conferences
report Creation of Independent Support Arrangements for Self Directed Services
report Day Opportunities for People with Learning Disabilities - Progress Report
report Development of Lanarkshire e-Care Information Sharing Project - Child Protection
report General Debtors Bad Debt Write Offs
report Home Support Service - Annual Report 2003/04
report North Lanarkshire Strategy for Carers - Progress Report
report Proposal to Develop a Mental Health and Financial Inclusion Demonstration Projec
report Provision of Equipment and Minor Adaptations - Progress Report
report Report on Rent Arrears, Homelessness and Evictions Policy Review Group
report Revenue Budget Monitoring Report - Financial Monitoring Report - 1/4to 23/7/04
report Section 10 Grants
report Social Work (Complaints Review) Sub-Committee
report Social Work (Operations & Services) Sub-Committee - Minute - 10 August 2004
report Social Work (Planning & Administration) Sub-Committee - Minute - 12 August 2004
report Social Work Service Improvement Plan 2002-2005 Monitoring Report
report Support and Advice Services for People who have had a Laryngectomy
report Supporting People - Service Reviews
report Value for Money Grants to Community Organisations
minute Social Work Committee Minute of 26 August 2004
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