Meeting details

Committee: Social Work

Date: Thursday 27 October 2005

Type Attachment
notice Social Work Committee
agenda Social Work Committee
report 21st Century Review of Social Work Emerging Reccommendations
report Adoption Policy Review Part 2 - Secure and Safe Homes for Our Most Vulnerable
report Bron Way Refurbishment (Phase 1) Cumbernauld
report Complaint Status Report - 1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005
report Composite Capital Programme Monitoring Report 2005/2006 - 1 April to 16 Septembe
report Conferences
report Final Measurements
report Fire Dafety Upgrade of Residential Units at Muirpark Home, Leslie House, Belhave
report Fire Safety Upgrade of Residential Units at Burngreen Lodge, Chilterns
report General Debtors - Bad Debt Write Off
report Integrated Day Services for Older People in Coatbridge
report Member/Officer Group Proposals
report Member/Officer Review of Day Opportunities for People with Learning Disabilities
report Mental Health and Financial Inclusion Demonstration Project
report Minute of Social Work (Complaints Review) Sub-Comm 10 October 2005
report Minute of Social Work (Operations & Services) Sub-Comm 4 October 2005
report Minute of Social Work (Planning and Administration) Sub-Comm 6 October 2005
report Protection of title of Social Worker and Registration of Child Care Workforce
report Provision of Equipment and Adaptations - Progress Report
report Remit from Community Services (Community Development) Sub-Comm 16 August 2005
report Remit from Policy and Resources (Property) Sub-Comm 1 September 2005
report Remit from Policy and Resources Committee 20 September 2005
report Revenue Budget Monitoring Report 2005/2006 - Financial Monitoring Report for the
report Review of Core Costs for Capability Scotland
report Section 10 Grants
report Social Work Awards Ceremony
report Statutory Performance Indicators - Annual Report 2004/2005
report Surplus Property - 72 Brandon Parade East, Motherwell
minute Social Work Committee Minute of 27 October 2005
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