Member and Committee Information

Education and Families Committee
Formed: 1 Dec 2018
Member Details
L Anderson (ALBA)  
J Ashraf (SNP)  
C Barclay (SNP)  
H Brannan-McVey (LAB)  
B Burgess (Cons)  
R Burrows (LAB)  
A Campbell (LAB)  
T Castles (LAB)  
W Cunningham (Religious Representative)
T Douglas (Cons)  
G Fannan (IND)  
S Farooq (ALBA)  
A Feeney (IND)  
T Fisher (LAB)  
F Fotheringham (SNP)  
W Goldie (SNP)  
A Graham (LAB)  
D Hannan (Religious Representative)
P Hogg (IND)  
C Johnston (SNP)  
T Johnston (SNP)  
J Jones (LAB)  
Pa Kelly (LAB)  
MJ Kerr (IND)  
K Larson (SNP)  
G Lennon (SNP)  
JJ Linden (SNP)  
H Loughran (LAB)  
A Magowan (SNP)  
A Masterton (SNP)  
L McBride (Teacher Representative)
CW McManus (SNP)  
F McNally (LAB) (Convener)
M McPake (LAB)  
A McVey (LAB)  
N Mooney (LAB)  
G Paterson (Religious Representative)
C Quigley (LAB) (Vice-Convener)
I Scott (Teacher Representative)
N Shevlin (LAB)  
C Stephen (SNP)  
A Stubbs (SNP)  
S Watson (Cons)  
N Wilson (Cons)  
G Woods (LAB)  

The political make up for the Education and Families Committee is currently

Independent (4 members)
ALBA Party (2 members)
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