Member and Committee Information

Policy and Strategy Committee
Formed: 1 Dec 2018
Member Details
C Barclay (SNP)  
A Beveridge (IND)  
H Brannan-McVey (LAB)  
G Brennan (SNP)  
A Campbell (LAB)  
T Carragher (SNP)  
P Di Mascio (SNP)  
K Duffy (LAB)  
W Goldie (SNP)  
J Hume (SNP)  
J Jones (LAB)  
P Kelly (LAB) (Vice-Convener)
K Larson (SNP)  
JJ Leckie (Brit Union)  
J Logue (LAB) (Convener)
H Loughran (LAB)  
A Masterton (SNP)  
M McBride (LAB)  
L Nolan (Cons)  
L Roarty (LAB) (Vice-Convener)
G Robinson (SNP)  
K Stevenson (LAB)  
A Stubbs (SNP)  
RA Sullivan (SNP)  
S Watson (Cons)  

The political make up for the Policy and Strategy Committee is currently

Independent (1 member)
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