Member and Committee Information

The Council is composed of the following committees.

Adult Health and Social Care Committee
Appointments Sub-Committee
Audit and Scrutiny Panel
Civic Functions Group
Communities and Housing Committee
Education and Families Committee
Enterprise and Growth Committee
Environment and Transportation Committee
Finance and Resources Committee
Local Review Body
Planning Committee
Planning Hearings
Policy and Strategy Committee
Regulatory Committee
Transformation and Digitalisation Committee
Youth, Equalities and Empowerment Committee
Education Employees Appeals Sub-Committee
Employee Appeals Sub-Committee
Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Strategic Development Planning Authority Joint Committee
Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board
IJB Performance, Finance and Audit Committee
Joint Consultative Committee for Local Government Employees
Lanarkshire Educational Trust
Lanarkshire Valuation Joint Board
Licensing Board
Local Licensing Forum
North Lanarkshire Partnership Board
Health Safety and Welfare Forum
JNC for Teaching Staff
Member/Officer Group on Local Governance
North Lanarkshire Area Support Management Team
North Lanarkshire Area Support Team
Community Council
Allanton and Hartwood Community Council
Auchinloch Community Council
Balloch Eastfield Community Council
Banton and Kelvinhead Community Council
Bellshill Community Council
Cairnhill Community Council
Caldercruix Community Council
Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council
Carfin Community Council
Carrickstone Community Council
Castlecary Community Council
Central Coatbridge Community Council
Central Wishaw Community Council
Chryston Community Council
Cleland Community Council
Cliftonville Community Council
Coltness Community Council
Condorrat Community Council
Craigmarloch Community Council
Craigneuk Community Council
Croy Community Council
Dullatur Community Council
Forgewood Community Council
Gartcosh Community Council
Gartlea Community Council
Glenboig Community Council
Glenmavis Community Council
Greenfaulds and Luggiebank Community Council
Greengairs Community Council
Harthill and Eastfield Community Council
Kildrum Community Council
Kilsyth Community Council
Kirkwood Community Council
Ladywell Community Council
Monkland Glen Community Council
Moodiesburn Community Council
Muirhouse and Flemington Community Council
New Stevenston Community Council
Newarthill Community Council
Newmains Community Council
North Calder Community Council
Overtown and Waterloo Community Council
Plains Community Council
Queenzieburn Community Council
Salsburgh Community Council
Seafar and Ravenswood Community Council
Shotts Community Council
Stepps and District Community Council
Sunnyside Community Council
Townhead Community Council
Village Community Council
Westerwood Community Council
Westfield Community Council
Road traffic Orders
Transport Scotland
Ad Hoc
ALEOs and External Bodies Monitoring Sub-Committee
Childrens Panel Advisory
Community Safety and Partnership Governance Sub-Committee
Community Services
Community Services (Community Development)
Community Services (Operations)
Construction Services
Construction Services (Business Plan)
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Local Area Partnership
Economic Development
Economic Regeneration
Education (Ad Hoc)
Education (Appeals)
Education (Community Services)
Education (Resources)
Education Appeals Sub-Committee
Education Joint Consultative
Emergencies Sub-Committee
Enterprise and Housing Committee
Environmental Services (Community Safety)
Finance (Appeals)
Finance and Organisational Business Sub-Committee
Finance Monitoring
General Purposes
General Purposes (Licensing)
General Purposes (Public Processions)
Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board (Finance and Audit) Sub-Committee
Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board (Performance, Scrutiny and Assurance) Sub-Committee
Health and Social Care Shadow Integration Board
Housing (Special Cases)
Housing and Property Services
Housing and Property Services (Capital Programme and Repairs)
Housing and Property Services (Property)
Housing and Property Services (Special Cases)
Housing and Property Services (Special Cases)
Housing and Technical Services
Housing and Technical Services (Capital Programme and Repairs)
Housing and Technical Services (Special Cases)
Housing Special Cases Sub-Committee
Human Resources (Appeals and Workforce) Sub-Committee
Infrastructure Committee
Interim Executive
Joint Consultative - APTandC
Joint Consultative - Manual/Craft
Kilsyth and Villages Area
Lanarkshire Community Justice Authority
Learning and Leisure (Joint Appeals, Maintenance Allowances and Bursaries)
Leisure Services
Leisure Services (Grants)
Motherwell and District Area Committee
Motherwell and District Local Area Partnership
Motherwell Area
North Area Committee
North Local Area Partnership
Northern Corridor Area
Northern Corridor Local Area Partnership
Personnel Services
Personnel Services (Appeals)
Personnel Services (Early Retirement)
Personnel Services (Matching Appeals)
Personnel Services (Sounding Board)
Planning and Development
Planning and Development (Building and Property)
Planning and Development (Traffic Management)
Planning and Development (Transport and Development)
Planning and Environment
Planning and Environment (Environmental Health)
Planning and Environment (Protective Services)
Planning and Environment (Roads and Transport)
Planning Sub-Committee
Policy and Resources
Policy and Resources (Community Development)
Policy and Resources (Equal Opportunities)
Policy and Resources (Establishment Monitoring)
Policy and Resources (European)
Policy and Resources (Finance Appeals)
Policy and Resources (Finance)
Policy and Resources (Performance and Best Value)
Policy and Resources (Personnel Appeals)
Policy and Resources (Personnel Early Retirement)
Policy and Resources (Personnel Sounding Board)
Policy and Resources (Personnel)
Policy and Resources (Policy, Planning and Performance Review)
Policy and Resources (Property)
Policy and Resources (Re-financing of Home Loans Portfolio)
Policy and Resources (Vacancy Control)
Policy and Resources (Vacancy Monitoring)
Policy and Resources European Working Group
Public Processions Committee
Recruitment Panel A
Recruitment Panel B
Scrutiny Panel (Service Delivery and Performance)
Scrutiny Panel (Strategy and Implementation)
Shotts and Harthill Area
Shotts Prison
Social Inclusion
Social Work
Social Work (Operations and Services)
Social Work (Parental Rights)
Social Work (Planning and Administration)
Social Work (Registration)
Social Work (Safeguarder)
Social Work Sub-Committee
Sub - CPAC - Area 1
Sub - CPAC - Area 2
Transformation Sub-Committee
Wishaw and Newmains Area
Youth, Communities and Equalities Sub-Committee
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